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Lisanna Paloma Vazquez


artists with a passion for the stage,

decades of experience,

and the ambition to share

their knowledge.

Lisanna Paloma Vazquez


Adam Rafael Vazquez

Lisanna Paloma Vazquez

Adam Rafael Vazquez

Lisanna Paloma Vazquez | ViA Director



Adam Vazquez | ViA Director


Vazquez Bio

Power, passion and charisma drive the art and style of Lisanna Paloma’s artistic career. Seen in shows with famed singer MeatLoaf, San Diego Symphony Orchestra, Germany’s Flic Flac Festival, and Cirque du Soleil’s KÀ and Toruk (based on the Academy Award-winning hit film Avatar), Lisanna has performed in 27 countries around the world, delighting over 3 million spectators. Strong technique and talent has led her to perform at a prominent level in numerous aerial and ground acrobatic disciplines in addition to her speciality of corde lisse.


Her 20-year background in artistic gymnastics granted her a full-ride athletic scholarship to Northern Illinois University, graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design. Lisanna is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Privileged to perform, act, create, share, and devote herself to her art, Lisanna strives to embody all that which makes an artist whole, living with passion and integrity. 

Adam Vazquez, a 4th generation circus artist carrying on the Vazquez tradition of artistic integrity, has over twenty years of personal performance experience. With his intense training in international competitive gymnastics, trapeze, Chinese poles, acrobatics, and handbalancing, his discipline and passion for his craft, along with guidance from the rich historical tradition of his family, has led him to success and, most importantly, the privilege of calling himself an artist. 


Having captured the quality and poise of hand-to-hand artistry with his international award-winning duo act, Adam has graced the stages of the world’s most renowned venues. The prestige of stepping on stage and the honor to feel the distinct connection with audience members standing in awe of his performance have justified every sacrifice made for his art. Now, with over two decades of experience, Adam takes pride in recognizing the responsibility of an artist to cultivate the arts for generations to come.

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