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Vazquez Integral Arts (ViA) was founded by Artists who have had the privilege to perform around the world. We take pride in sharing our extensive performing experience, knowledge, and passion for the arts, making it our mission to encourage the arts to flourish amongst our youth. 


We welcome students from all backgrounds and socioeconomic status in performing arts classes—Circus, Music, Acrobatics, Dance, and Theater.


Cultivating the value of dedication, technique, creativity, and respect within the environment of our program and our community, we encourage our students to gain the experience that will be directly applicable to all of their succeeding endeavors in life.

There's an Artist in You!


Vazquez Integral Arts is proud to be a member of the Global Alliance of Circus Schools.

GACS is an exclusive, web-based, international network that seeks to empower, support, and connect top professional circus schools worldwide. GACS was founded in January 2020 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco under the auspices of the Fédération du Mondiale du Cirque (FMC) and in collaboration with the European Circus Association (ECA).

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