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Little Big Band

Music Appreciation Class

Xylophones! Tambourines!

And Bongos, oh my!

Make some noise and celebrate your natural love of music with

ViA’s Music Appreciation class.


Learn the basics of rhythm, high/low pitch, fast/slow beats, and fun-filled music fundamentals that are linked to language and math skills.

So, come and grab an instrument!

And join us in discovering the

magic of music!

(Instruments provided by ViA / Rentals also available)





Along with being a vital component of performing arts,

music can touch the soul.

It can be the voice of a thousand languages

and spark our emotions with a single note. 

ViA's music program introduces the

wonder of music

to our youth and emphasizes the value music has to humanity.

Love of Piano




2:15–3:15PM & 3:30–4:30PM



Love of Flute





Love of Violin






Alex Clements

Doctor of Musical Arts | Jazz Studies

ViA Piano & Music Appreciation Instructor

Vibrant, rhythmic, captivating, and lyrical are just a few of the many adjectives that can be used to describe the many facets of this talented and creative Canadian jazz pianist and composer. Clements', who was a child prodigy at the age of four, won numerous piano competitions in Canada and quickly became an internationally recognized artist, performing in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. One of Clements’ highest accomplishments is an Alberta Achievement Award, which was presented to him by the Government of Canada. He is currently in his eighth year teaching jazz and commercial piano, composition, and arranging at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He also performs nightly in Cirque du Soleil’s water show ‘O’. 

Clements holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts in Jazz Studies from the University of Southern California, a Master’s degree in Jazz Performance from McGill University, and a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. He also holds two associateship performance diplomas from the Royal Conservatory of Music and Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music, where he was awarded a gold medal and scholarship. 

As a classical flutist with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Flute Performance from UNLV, Jaehyun Jo—better know as Jae—has dedicated his life to his craft. After receiving a graduate scholarship to attend UNLV, Jae uprooted from South Korea to the beautiful city of Las Vegas where he has made his mark as a musician. With numerous successful solo and ensemble performances under his belt, he continues his post graduate work while teaching and mentoring students.

Jeahyun "Jae" Jo

Master of Music in Flute Performance

ViA Flute Instructor

After graduating with honors from the Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts of Quebec, Bruno’s wonderful adventure as a Master Saxophonist took off. While playing professionally in jazz clubs with well established musicians, Bruno was invited to perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival, leading him to an annual invitation to share the stage with the greats of the Blues and Jazz scene including Carl Tremblay, Bob Harrison, Little Jo and the Hurricane, The Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Lulu Hughes to name a few. 


In 2001, Bruno was offered a position as Saxophone and Keyboard Musician with the well-know entertainment company Cirque du Soleil. Delighting audiences around the world playing in 8 different Cirque du Soleil productions over the next 19 years, (Alegria, Viva Elvis, Quidam, Toruk, Sand, Bazar, Axel, Alegria revisited), Bruno is now at his 9th show with the company, contributing his vast experience, talent, and passion as the Musical Director of the water-themed production “O” at the Bellagio.


Bruno’s devotion to music, and joy of playing shines through in his teaching, as he takes pride and a responsibility in sharing his love for music with his students. 

Bruno Dumont

Saxophonist, Keyboard Musician, Composer, Digital Music Programmer

ViA Saxophone & Music Appreciation Instructor

Watch Bruno play his magic >



ViA Music Liaison

Martin St-Pierre

Violinist, Composer, Artist

Martin IMDb
AGC Las Vegas


6980 W Warm Spring Rd

Unit #190

Las Vegas NV 89113

Encouraging the arts to

flourish amongst our youth

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